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Honours Courses

1. Compulsory subject(for Arts, Science & Commerce)1st and 2nd Part Rashtrabhasha Hindi (For students with Hindi background)- 100 marks


Rashtrabhasha Hindi (For students with Non Hindi background)- 50 marks


Mother tongue language (any one subject in English, Urdu and Maithili)- 50 Marks In the 3rd part it is essential to study General Environmental Studies (GES) in place of Rashtrabhasha Hindi & Non Hindi (RB Hindi & RB Non Hindi)- 100 marks

2. Elective subjects for Honours

a) Hindi b) English c) Urdu d) Maithili e) Sanskrit f) Geography g) Psychology h) Sociology i) History j) Political Science k) Economics l) Mathematics m) Philosophy

Any one of the above given subjects can be selected as Honours subject. In Part 1 (Paper 1st & Paper 2nd) and Part 2 (3rd Paper & 4th Paper) and final Part 3rd (Paper 5, 6, 7 & 8). Each Paper will contain 100 marks except practical subject of Psychology and Geography.

Note: In 3rd part 8th paper of Psychology and Geography will be practical subject which contains 100 marks.

b) Subsidiary subjects ( Only for Part 1 & Part 2)

Two of the above subjects will be selected as subsidiary subjects with an honours subject in this syllabus. Each subject will contain 100 marks. The subject selected as honours subject cannot be selected as a subsidiary subject. Students with Language and Literature as honours subject can select only one subject as subsidiary paper within Language and Literature. Note: - For student with Psychology and Geography as subsidiary paper, the paper will be of 75 marks in theory and 25 marks in practicals.

Note: - Minimum 45% marks is required in a particular subject in Intermediate ( 12th Class) to select it as Honours subject otherwise a candidate has to take General course.