Grade-B Accreditation from NAAC

Student Corner > Rules & Regulations

  • 75% attendance of students in classes is compulsory otherwise they will not be allowed to fill the examination forms in any case.
  • Students who violate the discipline of the college may be expelled from the college.
  • Any issues related to classes can be resolved, in general, by meeting the concerned Head of Department or the routine in-charge.
  • All information related to the students is published on the notice board from time to time. Students who try to destroy these notices or who behave against them shall be punished severely.
  • Inspecting the notice board should be considered a part of the daily routine.
  • Making noise or gathering in front of classes being conducted is prohibited.
  • No student can avail two different (financial aid) scholarships in one academic session
  • Do not chit-chat unnecessarily in front of college office or teacher´ room.
  • Students abiding by the rules and exhibiting disciplined behavior can be awarded